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The campaign looks to educate end-consumers — home owners that are actively engaged in a building or renovation project. We are developing partnerships with national and regional window fabricators capable of serving the demand created amongst end-consumers. Our first step is to make customers aware of energy efficient windows early in the building materials specification process.

To get involved you can contact us at enquiry@seebeyondwindows.com.


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This portal will give fabricator partners access to key information and value selling tools which will enable you maximise the quality of your sales conversations and in turn build relationships with your customers.

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Fact is, the glass in your windows can play a crucial role in energy efficiency

Before you make a decision on the best windows for your new home or renovation, a little fact finding will go a long way to helping you create a more comfortable and secure home for life. Read more…

Opimal window selection for maximum energy efficiency


Learn about good window selection for different orientations.

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Many window benefits aren’t transparent.

Did you know that your choice of windows can affect almost every level of comfort in your home? From natural light and views to ventilation, inside temperature to security — the right windows are the key to a beautiful and comfortable home.

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You may not rate windows highly, but the government does.

6-star energy ratings is now mandatory for all new homes and major renovations. Now is not the time to leave your choice in windows to chance. With the right windows you can have the home you want without sacrificing energy performance.

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Your sunroom is getting sunburnt.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the easiest. Toned glass is one of the most straightforward ways of reducing the amount of heat and glare entering your home, while maintaining your views. It works in much the same way as sunglasses, reducing the amount of visible light and radiant heat which can pass through it.

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The great outdoors looks even greater from indoors.

We pay a lot of money for views. Yet people tend to leave them outside. Modern performance glass lets you have larger window areas to maximise views and natural light throughout your home, giving you the perfect indoor-outdoor living experience. So now there’s no reason to leave your home’s most valuable feature out in the cold.

›› Explore design freedom.

The most comfortable thing in your living room isn’t the couch.

And it’s not the rug or the table. In fact, it’s the windows. Did you know that by choosing the right performance windows you can keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter?

›› See how glass works.

I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘E’.

Viridian Low E glass has a microscopically thin yet durable coating which controls the flow of heat into and out of your windows, making your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Actually, the best way to see it is the savings on your energy bills.

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This is one way to keep warm.

Ordinary windows can account for around half of the heat losses from your home. But you don’t have to settle for ‘ordinary’. Energy efficient windows can insulate your home while opening it up to views, natural warmth and light from the sun, plus the sense of spaciousness that only windows can bring. Maybe it’s time you warmed to the idea of better windows.

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Window shopping can save you hundreds off your energy bills.

Energy efficient windows can help reduce heat loss in winter and keep your house cooler in summer. So with hundreds off your energy bills the next question will be, should you get the shoes and the handbag or the coat and the scarf?

›› Find out about increasing energy prices.

Your windows are not as clean as you think.

Did you know that performance windows can cut your household's contribution to GHG emissions by more than 20%? That's a lighter cost to the environment and your hip pocket too.

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87% of people suffer window pains

Ouch… we all know that feeling. The pain of regret. The pain of not knowing all the information before making a decision. Indeed 87% of people surveyed* wished they’d known more about windows before starting their renovation or build. Luckily, you are no longer a statistic and know at least 9 more facts about windows.

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Understand – The role windows play to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Design – Freedom with performance windows. Resources – Find the right professionals to get your project on the right track. Locator – Find a glass products supplier near you.

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